With the memorandum of association the Parus Foundation undertook to dedicate the collected funds for granting postgraduate studies of commercial law and law of legal and economic sciences.

Each year, candidates who qualify will be awarded scholarships for various levels and institutions of study.


In addition to excellent academic success and excellent assessment of the diploma thesis, candidates must also demonstrate top communication skills. We especially value the management of complex situations, coordination of parallel projects and the ability to lead a team of associates. Today, an excellent knowledge of at least two world languages is the condition for any serious conversation.

Answering the following questions should help you decide about applying for the scholarship:

  • Do you have excellent academic grades with an average of over 8?

  • Did you graduate with honours?

  • Are you an effective and skilled speaker?

  • Do you master Slovenian and at least two more world languages?

  • Do you strictly respect work and professional ethics?

Having given five affirmative answers suggests that the application forms are looking forward to your details.


The most successful graduates from the Faculty of Law of the University of Ljubljana can apply for both postgraduate studies at their home faculty and studies at the world’s most prestigious universities, such as Harvard and Yale.

Detailed criteria can are available in the
Rules for granting the Parus Foundation scholarship.


The Parus Foundation awarded the first scholarships in 2006 for Academic year 2006/07, and so far the studies have been successfully completed by fifteen generations of grantees. By selecting the best law students and strengthening their academic opportunities, the Parus Foundation will continue to actively pursue excellence in knowledge and build a society of inclusion and mutual respect.

Academic year 2006/2007

Ana Kerševan – Bucerius Law School
Nina Mlakar – New York University School of Law
Maja Koritnik – King’s College London

Academic year 2007/2008

Igor Angelovski – Johann Wolfgang Goethe–Universität
Jana Božič – Europa–Institut, Saarbrücken
Tadej Vodičar – Universität Augsburg

Academic year 2008/2009

Damjan Kukovec – Harvard Law School
Branko Čevriz – Bucerius Law School
Tomaž Brcar – Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität
Metka Potočnik – King’s College London
Ciril Keršmanc – University of Dundee

In the academic year of 2009/10 the Parus Foundation did not grant any scholarships because it did not receive any corresponding application.

Academic year 2010/2011

Vid Čibej – Harvard Law School
Jan Jeram – New York University School of Law
Karla Oblak – Universität Wien

Academic year 2011/2012

Nina Kranjec – Queen Mary, University of London
Eva Škufca – London School of Economics
Miha Bratina – Westfälische Wilhelms–Universität Münster
Leon Ribič – Universität Wien
Mojca Zadravec – aculty of Law of the University of Ljubljana

Academic year 2012/2013

Marko Frantar – New York University School of Law
Lea Vatovec – University College London
Lela Dedić – University of Maastricht, Faculty of Law
Aljoša Ficko – Universität Wien, Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät
Mojca Zadravec – Faculty of Law of the University of Ljubljana

Academic year 2013/2014

Janja Čevriz – University of Cambridge
Dušan Mitrović – Humboldt Universität
Karmen Lutman – Humboldt Universität

Academic year 2014/2015

Mojca Nadles – Harvard Law School
Simon Tertnik – University of Cambridge

In the academic year of 2015/16 the Parus Foundation did not grant any scholarships because it did not receive any corresponding application.

Academic year 2016/2017

Žiga Urankar – Harvard Law School
Jernej Radež – Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität

Academic year 2017/2018

Maks Mencin – Duke University School of Law
Daniela Mozetič – New York University School of Law

Academic year 2018/2019

Mateja Ščuka – London School of Economics
Domen Turšič – University of Cambridge

Academic year 2019/2020

Hana Šerbec – University of Cambridge
Tilen Zonta – Queen Mary, University of London

Academic year 2020/2021

Meta Bevc – King’s College London
Tadeja Urbas – The Graduate Institute, Geneva (IHEID)
Žaklin Butinar – University College London (UCL)

Academic year 2021/2022

Jernej Renko – Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Academic year 2022/2023

Tara Lengersdorf Medjedovič – London School of Economics

Academic year 2023/2024

Tim Horvat– Harvard Law School